The financial industry built the modern world, funding the vast infrastructure projects of the 20th and 21st centuries, forcing the nations to establish networks so that it could trade, breaking down barriers so that currency could flow uninterrupted.

As the great financial centers of London, Frankfurt and New York grew, so did the colocation data centers housing the world’s economies in digital form. Wall Street needed to talk to the Square Mile, leading to cutting edge submarine cable investments spanning the Atlantic. 

In the cover story of our latest issue, we look at the impact of the financial services sector on the data center industry, and discuss some of the things still to come - from new regulations to blockchain technologies.

Elsewhere in the magazine, we examine the benefits of hiring veterans, the future of cabling, industrial cyber security and the evolution of databases, talk to the CEOs of Xilinx, Nlyte and AirTrunk, and chart the fascinating history of the Cell chip. Plus, we take a special deep dive into AI and automation, discuss the simulation hypothesis with Nvidia’s CEO, detail one bank’s smart data center approach, and try to work out what it takes to build a software-defined facility. 

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Europe gets Energy Smart

Thanks to its demographics, its energy grids, and its politics, Europe is getting ahead on energy efficiency.

Beyond the FPGA

Xilinx’s new CEO, Victor Peng, details his grand vision for the chip company in an exclusive interview with DCD.

All nodes lead to Ethernet

There are ambitious plans to keep Ethernet at the forefront of the data center.

Dropping the legacy database

Today’s companies are using new technologies to store and manage their data.

Cell Broadband Engine
– Sony Computer Entertainment

The PlayStation supercomputer

The chip that started in the PlayStation 3 ended up in the world’s fastest supercomputer, and became a herald of a heterogeneous computing future.

The walls you thought you could trust

Security experts have worked hard to fix the flaws in IT systems, while industrial control systems have been left wide open

– Mar Perez

Military service

There’s a shortage of skilled and reliable data center staff, but Salute’s Lee Kirby thinks he may have the solution - hire veterans.

AI and automation

Nvidia’s CEO talks simulated realities, Nlyte’s CEO talks smart systems, ICICI Bank reveals its secrets, and Dan Robinson discusses the steps needed to build a software-defined data center in this 10-page deep dive into AI and automation.

– AirTrunk

A new Australian giant

AirTrunk brought hyperscale data centers to Australia, now its CEO tells us what’s next.

– Alessio Jacona

Facebook’s nemesis

Max Smolaks finds joy in the suffering of others.

And more!

But you’ll have to read the mag to find out what else we managed to cram in there.

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