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Explore what efficiency opportunities are available from AI in the data center

Running a data center remains a fine balancing act. Not only must operators ensure uptime; this must be managed alongside sustainability targets, workforce shortages and energy supply issues. Business leaders are increasingly turning to advanced monitoring tools in order to keep abreast of some of the most pressing challenges that the data center industry faces.

In this broadcast, expert speakers will share hands-on information on how they are monitoring their infrastructure operations, in the form of cast studies, panel discussions and fireside chats. We will explore how data centers are using technologies such as DCIM to assist with rolling out AI & automation in the data center. What change management techniques are being deployed, and how are operators embedding practices into existing infrastructure & ensuring that staff have the right skills in order to deploy and manage such technologies? Critically, we will consider how the additional data from monitoring infrastructure can be capitalized on, and how this can be used to take a proactive approach to data center management.

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