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Fireside chat: How can companies ensure safe networks?

This broadcast will be streaming live at 10am ET on the 12th of July

Security continues to be a significant area of concern for data centers and their networks in particular. As customers come to expect the highest level of security, and with solutions available from security technologies to physical safeguards, how are data centers safeguarding customers' data? With options varying from next-gen firewalls (NGFWs) to Micro-segmentation technologies as well as cloud workload protection platforms (CWPPs), what options make the most sense for your company and what are the potential upsides and downsides of these and other solutions?

This episode will focus on the steps that operators should be taking to maintain client trust as security challenges continue to pose significant and new threats. Furthermore, our industry expert will highlight the lessons learned and what potential areas could be being missed as the industry looks to maintain consumer confidence.