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The Brewery Conference Center

Panel: What’s the Future for Data Center Cooling?

This session took place on April 2, 2019

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Panel: What’s the Future for Data Center Cooling?

We have heard for the last few years that liquid cooling at the processor level is the future, but what does this future look like and how do we get there? With ever growing demands and increasing workload complexity, we have seen an ever-increasing load demand to match. The average grown to between 3-5kw with some workloads now requiring 40-50kw and beyond. 

Liquid cooling: Are we on the verge of a flood? Demonstrations have shown recently that air-cooling can perform well at 40-50kw but with more liquid cooling technologies now available, how do operators assess the correct time for the capital expenditure investment and what does it mean for ongoing operational costs? Beyond this, not all workloads will necessitate this expense so what will the future look like and when will the scales tip towards newer technologies?