What’s new when it comes to cooling HPC?

Understanding the high performance cooling in the modern data center

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As data centers handle the challenge of densification, they must look to innovative methods of cooling to move more heat away from chips more efficiently. However, despite it being universally accepted that air cooling will no longer fit the bill, data centers still need to choose between multiple different liquid cooling methods, begging the question ‘what is right for my data center?’.

This series takes a deep dive into direct to chip cooling, and will explore the advantages this technology can offer to data centers by supporting the growth of HPC. Expert speakers will offer tangible insights by assessing how efficient D2C is at heat transfer, and the associated energy and cost savings. Critically this series will showcase how direct to chip can help maximize uptime, and how it is a solution available to all sizes of data center by demonstrating the scalability of this technology.

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