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Liquid Cooling: Cooling the AI revolution in data centers

This session took place on May 22, 2024

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Liquid Cooling: Cooling the AI revolution in data centers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving change in the data center industry at a remarkable pace, compelling stakeholders to innovate rapidly to meet escalating compute demands. Liquid cooling is emerging as a pivotal technology for AI adoption, necessitating a strategic shift from fragmented departmental decisions to cohesive, business-wide implementation strategies.
In this episode, we explore liquid cooling's transformative potential as well as its ability to revolutionize market dynamics. Join this broadcast to delve into stakeholder collaboration where integrating liquid cooling aligns with broader business objectives, accelerates innovation, and positions organizations for success in an AI-driven era.

  • Examine the collaborative approach required to seamlessly integrate liquid cooling into data center environments
  • Discover the close coordination between data center design and build teams, alongside IT specialists and the C-suite 
  • Understand the strategic implications and benefits of adopting liquid cooling technology, from cost-effectiveness and efficiency gains to competitive advantage and environmental sustainability.
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