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$5M per MW and PUE of 1.15: Building an Efficient Data Center

The market is starting to offer SM&E-sized companies access to HPC capabilities at affordable prices due to colocation data centers having access to new rack-power density innovations. The current colocation market is covered with traditional, raised-floor data centers that use higher-cost, less-efficient designs that support power density that tops out at 7kW per rack. New construction will begin to embrace a fundamental mind shift towards a new generation of modular enclosures (such as GIGA’s WindChill® System) that provide hot & cold aisle isolation and adiabatic cooling, to realize rack-power densities that support loads over 25kW-40kW, while also delivering a PUE of 1.15 or better. These OPEX cost-savings will enable providers to lower price points and capture business that has been waiting for colocation to catch up to where IT has evolved.

This session took place on April 9, 2019

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$5M per MW and PUE of 1.15: Building an Efficient Data Center