Marriott Marquis

How to build earthquake resistant data centers

For data centers in Silicon Valley, a strong level of proactive protection that can withstand seismic events is essential. For this reason, RagingWire Data Centers recently announced it will debut in the Silicon Valley data center market by building a facility with a sophisticated seismic protective system that reduces earthquake induced vibrations. RagingWire’s SV1 Data Center will be the first data center in Santa Clara to incorporate such a system.

Planned to be over 70 feet tall, RagingWire’s four-story SV1 Data Center will be engineered to ride out significant ground shaking with no interruptions to the 16 megawatts of scalable critical IT load contained within the building. This resilient building design was previously used by RagingWire’s parent company, NTT, to help multi-story data centers successfully withstand major earthquakes in Japan.

Join Bob Woolley and the RagingWire team for brunch to find out more about this "ground breaking" project.