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Solving Europe's data center and cloud infrastructure capacity challenges

Event in Numbers

  • people icon 1800+ Senior industry attendees from across Europe
  • microphone icon 140+ Speakers
  • clock icon 20+ Hours of dedicated networking
  • lightbulb icon 70+ Sponsors and exhibitors

Why DCD>London?

DCD>London is Europe's most in-depth and longest running conference dedicated to the data center and cloud infrastructure industry. It explores the full on-premise/off-premise infrastructure ecosystem, from enterprise to hyperscale, and colocation to edge.

With an unmatched audience of senior executives and technical teams from many of the largest data center operators globally, responsible for the design, build, management and operation of mission critical IT facilities, this is a must attend event.

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2019 Speakers Included


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    COVID-19 Industry Update - Bulletin 2

    COVID-19 presents operators and owners of mission critical facilities and digital infrastructure with wide-ranging and often unforeseen challenges. This bulletin identifies issues and new developments and points to further resources.

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    DCD>London Interview Guide

    A closer look at one of our Key Themes for DCD>London and the session happening around this, featuring Dr. Mike Hazas

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Key Themes

  • Energy Smart New
    Energy Smart Infrastructure

    From future battery technology to microgrids and the latest cooling tech, this content theme provides data center operators with expert opinion and guidance on how to design and operate highly-efficient and highly-reliable mission critical environments that support the next generation of high density IT.

  • Planning for Hybrid IT new
    Planning for Hybrid IT

    Effectively managing capacity and operations between on-premise, colocation and the cloud is an increasingly complex task that requires new types of risk assessment and skill sets. This content theme explores workload placement and capacity management to ensure cost efficiency and reliability.

  • Modernization New
    Modernisation & Lifecycle Management

    Retrofitting existing data centers to manage modern workloads and maximise capex might be less glamorous than greenfield data center design and build, but for many operators these are priority projects. This theme focuses on best practice for extending facility lifecycle and optimizing operational efficiency.

  • 5G, Edge, Interconnect
    5G, Edge & Interconnect

    The data center landscape is evolving fast with 5G and IoT technologies set to ignite exponential data growth at the core and create a “new” edge ecosystem. This content theme looks at how this new infrastructure layer is going to be built, deployed and connected.

  • Datacenter-nomics new

    New for 2020, this is a special forum for senior data center industry executives and the investment community to talk about data center economics, financial engineering, cost modelling, ownership, risk and anything else to do with the flow of capital into the data center sector.


You qualify for a FREE enterprise pass if:

  1. Your company is an enterprise organisation with datacenter requirements
  2. You, as an individual, are directly engaged, as a management or technical professional in planning, strategy, design, procurement, implementation, integration and operations

You qualify for a FREE service provider pass if:

  1. Your company is an owner/operator of Colo / MTDC / MSP / Cloud or Telco data centers
  2. You, as an individual, are directly engaged, as a management or technical professional in planning, strategy, design, procurement, implementation, integration and operations

If you have a business development/marketing or sales job title you should apply for a VENDOR pass.


You qualify for a FREE advisory pass if:

  1. Your company is a technical consultancy or contractor i.e architect, engineering, construction, design, systems integration or facilities management.
  2. Or, you provide the following professional services: investment & real estate, IT sourcing, legal.

If this is not you, please book a VENDOR pass.


You must purchase a vendor pass if:

Your organisation provides technology, products or services to the data center sector and you, as an individual work in a senior management, marketing or business development role.

  • As usual a well organised event with industry leaders. A good crowd and an event full of open and insightful content.

    Matthew Baynes, Schneider Electric
  • Several really high profile speakers. Good attendance with high caliber representatives ideal for private meetings aside the conference.

    Eric Le Proux, Trinity Advisers
  • Attendance by the right people we want to talk to, new technologies we want to employ in data centers, and location were all aligned.

    Jim Weinheimer, Uber

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1 Old Billingsgate Walk (Riverside, 16 Lower Thames St, London EC3R 6DX

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