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Major Panel: From stockpiles to smart strategies: navigating supply chain resilience

Stockpiles made sense to many during the pandemic which, rightly or wrongly, caused the supply chain issues to tighten even further. With observers declaring that supply chains are close to pre-pandemic normalcy, the future looks increasingly positive.

Nevertheless, the availability of parts and the knock-on effect of delayed site maintenance remains an issue. Aging equipment is not getting any younger. The demand for chips remains pressing.

While stockpiling remains an attractive remedy, surely the industry needs a new way of thinking. But what can you do if you cannot fund purchase agreements: how on earth can you get onto the ladder? Can a new era of corporate partnerships be the answer? Join this panel to discuss:

  • Waiting it out: How much resilience can be relied upon when global shipping logistics are impacted?
  • Collaboration: Open Sourcing is a trend that has shown to share GPU processing.
  • Forward-thinking: Can a just-in-time mindset, or predictive analytics, impress?