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Major Panel: Will [Insert President Here] be great for data centers?

As we conclude DCD>Connect Virginia, let us examine how the leadership of future administrations can influence our industry.

Regardless of the powers that be, their decisions will have a ripple effect across many industries. But what will the future hold for the USA’s data center industry over the next four years? Do we expect to see changes at the State or Federal level? How will each administration impact the industry's key challenges and opportunities? For example, if the Keystone Pipeline remains comes back online, will that improve energy availability?

Or are we thinking about this all wrong: are we overestimating the impact that any government can have on this sector? Could our own industry leaders affect positive change and guide this industry? Can data centers go it alone? Join our final panel to discuss:

  • Pledges: What promised changes could help or hinder data centers in the next four years?
  • Regulation: How will regulatory decisions, or lack thereof, impact power supply, environmental constraints, and supply chain demands?
  • Reality: Are we underestimating the extent to which any US administration can influence the direction of the data center industry?