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  • Guy wilner.jpg

    DCD>Talks Wild West with Guy Willner

    George talks with data center entrepreneur extraordinaire, Guy Willner, Chairman of Russia’s largest data center operator, IXcellerate, about 20 years of developing data center businesses, often against the odds.

  • Talks Lex Coors

    DCD>Talks Diesel with Lex Coors

    George Rockett talks with InterXion's Chief Data Center Technology & Engineering Officer, Lex Coors about his ideas on the big diesel generator debate, Europe's data center sustainability aspirations and more.

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    DCD>Talks Mexico with Santiago Suinaga

    George Rockett sits down with Santiago Suinaga, Managing Director of KIO Data Center Services, who own 40 data centers across the region, to talk about the Mexican digital infrastructure landscape.