DCD>Connect | London Live Stream

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Main Stage Agenda

  • Major Panel: Who's ready for the European Energy Efficiency Directive?

    The European Energy Efficiency Directive is likely to be the most important piece of legislation for data center sustainability to date. With data center growth leading many to proclaim data centers as the 4th utility, the industry may soon be regulated like one. The EED reporting requirements are vast including building data, operational data, productivity data and, of course, energy consumption.

    We ask our panelists what needs to be done to prepare for these changes, how the industry can align on metrics and improvements that need to be made and what is possible by 2030. Join this session to uncover:

    • Greater Insight on EED Requirements: With a comprehensive understanding of the EED's intricate reporting requirements.
    • Expert Perspectives on Industry Preparedness: Learn about the best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and the steps required to ensure data centers are compliant with the directive.
    • Future Forecasting and Strategy Alignment: Plan strategically for the future, ensuring their data centers remain ahead of regulatory deadlines
  • Fireside Chat: Evolutions in site selection criteria - Ping, Power, People & Planet

    In the rapidly changing digital landscape, picking the right data center site across EMEA is more complex than ever. Operators are now faced with constraints and considerations around an abundance of key factors - from power supply, connectivity, land and local restrictions, to workforce availability, short and long-term sustainability, and carbon footprint. 
    In this fireside chat industry experts will unravel the intricacies of modern site selection and provide:

    • Insights on shifting preferences: Understand the move from FLAP-D and the emergence of tier 2 markets. What is the next big European hub? 
    • Power & sustainability focus: Learn about the emphasis on reliable power sources, evolving grid relationships and the exploration of new, sustainable energy options
    • Strategies for optimal site selection: Equip yourself with best practices to navigate operational efficiency, power access, sustainability, and space availability

    Stay ahead by understanding what's driving data center locations now and in the future.

  • Major Panel: The next phase of Scale - Building to be AI-ready

    Building at scale has become the industry norm, but a change is on the horizon - and not the distant horizon. The AI era is now upon us, and with it potentially an entirely new breed of data centers. With AI comes unprecedented power density requirements, huge strain on resources and infrastructure, and a reset in terms of data center design. Are we prepared for what's ahead and do we really have any concept of the true impact of AI on data center design and build yet?

    This panel will bring together experts to discuss how the industry can responsibly transition to an AI-ready landscape and the opportunities and challenges ahead in this uncharted territory.

  • Major Panel: Hydrogen and the search for alternative data center energy sources

    With electrical grids under increased pressure, data center owners are investing heavily in energy resilience and more sustainable energy solutions. Innovations in hydrogen have seen it emerge as a promising greener option for data center power. As the discussions around sustainability and reliability of energy continue, What are the security implications, reliability implications and business case for emerging alternative energy sources? Join this panel to:

    • Understand the potential of hydrogen and other alternatives: Dive deep into the rise of new sustainable energy options and their implications for data center power.
    • Navigate energy security & reliability: Understand the safety, security, and reliability challenges and opportunities of alternative energy sources for data centers.
    • Evaluate the business case: Assess the financial and operational viability of transitioning to emerging energy alternatives in the data center industry.
  • Major Panel: Preparing for mega projects - How many more people do we need?

    As digitization continues to reshape the way we work and customer demands evolve, the pressure is on digital infrastructure to keep up. Such ambitious goals however, bring forward a critical question; how many more skilled professionals are required to successfully prepare and execute these data center mega projects? With questions around skill diversification, diversity and inclusion, talent retention, and more, how prepared is the industry for what comes next? Join this panel to uncover insights into:

    • Effective project-management: Balancing customer demand, managing the supply chain and delivering on-time and on-budget
    • Strategic workforce planning: Gain insight into evolving requirements to plan workforce needs ahead of time
    • Talent retention and new talent development strategies: Effective ways of developing and retaining the workforce to ensure future project readiness
  • Major Panel: Operations in the age of AI - What challenges and opportunities await data center engineers?

    The way we operate data centers has evolved at pace in the last few years. With tools and technologies evolving, how is best-practice changing and what are the skills we expect of those running facilities? How do operating models keep up with increasing demands? This panel deep-dives into the future of operations. Join this session to:

    • Uncover the key to reliable decision-making: ensure high-quality, reliable analytics that inform decision making
    • Boost operational efficiency: streamline asset-management, drive more proactive maintenance and extend product lifecycles
    • Mitigate operational risk: Equip yourself with the information to reduce vulnerability and detect issues before they become problems