At the iMason’s Summit (October 2019) end users (representing +$100 billion of digital infrastructure spend) predicted 39x growth in the next 10 years, while suppliers predicted 10x growth.

With the growth in digital infrastructure set to continue to accelerate well into the future, sustainable growth is the ultimate imperative and industry leaders are extremely motivated to come together, leaving companies at the door, to determine an Action Plan for a Sustainable Digital Future.

In response, iMasons and DCD will be holding a series of global workshops at various DCD events in 2020, bringing together iMasons members and experts from across the data center and digital infrastructure industry community to develop an industry Action Plan for a Sustainable Digital Future.

The plan will be shared during the UN 75th Anniversary Global Sustainability Summit in New York in September and will showcase the learnings from the series of interactive workshops being held internationally.

Countdown to a Sustainable Future

Our global workshops are designed to give you the opportunity to do something extraordinary - leveraging the collective brain power of the Digital Infrastructure community around the world to develop a plan to neutralize the environmental impact of inevitable growth.

In 2020, we will be delivering the following workshops:

Our global workshops are designed to give you the opportunity to:

  • Share your views and help shape common guidelines, standards and metrics for sustainable design and operations
  • Collaborate with industry peers to identify best practices and create a blueprint to enable the industry to contribute to net zero
  • Meet like minded individuals working to address the climate crisis
  • Have your voice heard, make a difference and be part of the solution