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4.01pm EDT // 9.01PM BST

That wraps up Day One of DCD>Building the Edge Virtual. A big thank you to all our panellists today, what a fantastic opportunity for us and the audience to hear insights from some of the most influential thought leaders in the industry today. We'll kick off again tomorrow bright an early at 7.00AM EDT (12.00PM BST). We'll have another fantastic day with some DCD regulars and others who are kindly lending us their thoughts.

Thanks everyone for tuning in. Have a great day, or a great night - wherever you are!

Cole Crawford - Liveblog Card.png

3.28pm EDT // 8.28PM BST

"There is a need to think about the physical infrastructure, but it takes a backseat to the logical need of the customer."

Great point by Cole on the role of the edge.

Brenden Rawle  - Liveblog Card.png

3.28pm EDT // 8.28PM BST

Brenden from Equinix says a lot of people are searching for 'safe havens', which is understandable for a lot of clients who might be more risk-averse.

Jason  - Liveblog Card.png

3.23pm EDT // 8.23PM BST

Jason makes a good point about the industry - we're definitely busier, but the direction of growth maybe isn't as focused on rollouts as it would usually be.

Cole Crawford - Liveblog Card.png

3.17pm EDT // 8.17PM BST

Great to hear a strong start from Cole who covers off on some the impacts on industry and use cases for edge. Some specific examples, specifically for the healthcare industry are extremely relevant to the state of play today.

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2.55pm EDT // 7.55PM BST

We're just under 5 minutes away from our final session for day one of Building the Edge Virtual. As a reminder, you can view everything from today on-demand, for free, so be sure to check out the panels again and share them with your colleagues. We're joined by an all-star panel who are going to talk about the impacts of COVID-19 on the rollout of the edge.

2.01pm EDT // 7.01PM BST

What a great showcase with some really innovative tech, very timely given the current situation. Make sure you come back in an hour for our final session of the day: Will the COVID-19 pandemic precipitate a rapid expansion of edge?

If you're itching for some information on how the discussion will go, make sure you check out our session previews with Brenden Rawle from Equinix and Cole Crawford from Vapor Io.

BTE Day 2 Panel 6.png

1.42pm EDT // 6.42PM BST

Peter is sharing some pretty innovative solutions with us. Vertiv is certainly taking an innovative approach to edge deployment.


Mark Dehmlow - Liveblog Card.png

1.32pm EDT // 6.32PM BST

Wow, what a comprehensive walk through from Mark at Panduit. Make sure you check out their resources in the resource panel.


Charles Ruffino - Liveblog Card.png

1.07pm EDT // 6.07PM BST

As Steve mentioned, we're joined by Charles Ruffino from SoftIron who are sharing their HyperDrive Storage Manager with us. You're gonna want to have a look at this one.


1.00pm EDT // 6.00PM BST

Thanks Dan! Let's get stuck into our first Tech Showcase. For anyone wondering if they've missed out on all the action - all our sessions are available for free, on-demand.

12:55pm EDT // 5.55PM BST

I'm going to pass the commentary back across to our fantastic content marketing guru Shaun Mills....

12:50pm EDT // 5.50PM BST

As we warm up for the Tech Showcase deep-dives don't forget to get networking. If you are a registered attendee, check out the networking platform here.

BTE Day 1 - Tech Showcase.png

12:48pm EDT // 5.48PM BST

Coming up next, get ready for a technology deep-dive as we head into our lunchtime (or evening if you are in Europe with me) Tech Showcase sessions.

Join SoftIron, Panduit and Vertiv here.

12:40pm EDT // 5.40PM BST

Fantastic Q&A session covering how to make the edge green, collaboration and new standards for consumption at the local edge.

The whole thing is now available on demand now here. Thanks again to Kevin and Schneider Electric for the fantastic support.

12:32pm EDT // 5.32PM BST

It's key takeaway time....could not have said it better myself....

Schneider 4.png

12:25pm EDT // 5.25PM BST

With many sites and remote locations, collaboration across the whole value-chain will be key to meet the energy challenge. Nobody can deliver this alone, says Kevin. Edge data centers will represent 80% of total energy consumption by 2040 - depending on the forecasts you believe. This represents ~ 275 million households and is going to need to be addressed with new technologies and strategies. The key will be ensuring technology provides the efficiency but to also combine this with increased resilency - without the usual efficiency vs resilency paradox:

EcoStruxure can help. Read more here.

Schneider 3.png

12:13pm EDT // 5.13PM BST

Technology will certainly help when it comes to efficiency, as will as working with grid operators and renewables to ensure long-term sustainability.

Still time to tune in: Building sustainable and resilient edge data centers

Schneider 2.png

12:10pm EDT // 5.10PM BST

Kevin shares a useful way of defining edge deployments:

So how do we make the local edge sustainable and resilient? Let's find out...

Schneider 1.png

Kevin Brown - Liveblog Card.png

12:00pm EDT // 5.00PM BST

Thanks Shaun, happy to take the reigns for this session. Kevin and Schneider are, of course, long-term friends of DCD. Check out more of Schneider's work with us here. Or indeed, remind yourself of our last interview with Kevin Brown here.

11:50AM EDT // 4:50PM BST

Brilliant chat between Cole and Jonathan, thank you both for joining us. I'll be handing over to our CMO, Dan Loosmore for the next session with Kevin Brown from Schneider Electric. Make sure you tune in:

Cole Crawford - Liveblog Card.png

11:48AM EDT // 4:48PM BST

Great question from George about the impacts of Covid-19 on the rollout of edge. Cole has seen the pandemic accelerate edge deployments - Cloudflare is a good active example of this. We discussed the impacts of Covid-19 in an interview with Cole - make sure you have a read:

11:39AM EDT // 4:39PM BST

George Rockett just shared a snippet he found particularly poignant:

"The edge is not a bricks and mortar issue.... it needs to be built cloud down, not data center up." says Cole Crawford. These really are two pioneers in the world of Edge Computing - it's  a really interesting talk.

BTE_Day1_LiveBlog_Ridge Slide.width-800.png

Panel 5 Board.png

11:21AM EDT // 4:21PM BST

"Companies will want to, and need to build across multiple municipalities of infrastructure."

Jonathan and Cole sharing some really great insights into data privacy and sovereignty requirements.

Jonathan Seelig - Liveblog Card.png

11:10AM EDT // 4:10PM BST

Some really great anecdotes about the history of edge from Jonathan, along with some fantastic points about the definition of edge.

11:00AM EDT // 4:00PM BST

Let's get into our fireside chat with Cole and Jonathan. Look's like we're in for a great session with two visionaries in the industry.

Panel 5 Board.png

10:52AM EDT // 3:52PM BST

As Dan mentioned, our next panel is a fireside chat with Cole Crawford from Vapor IO and Jonathan Seelig from Ridge:

Starting in just under 15 minutes.

10:29AM EDT // 3:29PM BST

Wow, James sharing some great insights into the technology behind the rollout of edge.


10:13AM EDT // 3:13PM BST

Here's the survey Dan has mentioned earlier:

10:08AM EDT // 3:08PM BST

Huge estimates on the importance of edge - up to 75% of data coming from edge data centers in the future.

10:01AM EDT // 3:01PM BST

It's time for our next panel with James Young from CommScope - you can look forward to a discussion on the driving factors behind architectural changes in data centers, and where infrastructure plays a role and why.

James Young - Liveblog Card.png

9:55AM EDT // 2:55PM BST

What a great panel, thanks for joining us Luca and thanks to Uptime Institute.

Tune into our next panel, in just five minutes:

9:44AM EDT // 2:44PM BST
Uptime share a new standard for manufacturers with us.


Luca Beltramino - Liveblog Card.png

9:34AM EDT // 2:34PM BST

Luca is asking us to think about some interesting concepts:
1) There is no edge
2) Is the edge green?

Luca Beltramino - Liveblog Card.png

9:21AM EDT // 2:21PM BST

"When dealing with time-sensitive applications, we'll have to build edge data centers."

Luca is sharing some fantastic, concise and accurate insights with us.

Luca Beltramino - Liveblog Card.png

9:15AM EDT // 2:15PM BST

Fantastic summary of prefab and modular changes over the past decade by Luca. Very interested to hear his perspective on the drivers for the change towards the edge.

Luca Beltramino - Liveblog Card.png

8:58AM EDT // 1:58BST

Fantastic panel everyone, as George said - great insights from across Europe, thank you again to all our panellists for joining. Make sure you're tuned into and ready for our next panel with Luca Bellatramino from Uptime Institute.

Thord Swedenhammar - Liveblog Card.png

8:50AM EDT // 1:50BST

Great question from the audience about acquiring locations for micro-data centers. Thord is sharing his perspective about the process in Stockholm.

Cara Mascini - Liveblog Card.png

8:39AM EDT // 1:39PM BST

"A multi-faceted type of rollout."

Great point by Cara, while edge is capital and infrastructure intensive, it usually goes in tandem with other necessary infrastructure updates and rollouts.

Cara Mascini - Liveblog Card.png

8:29AM EDT // 1:29PM BST

"Edge is the other side of the cloud continuum."
Make sure you're listening to Cara Mascini from EdgeInfra discuss the edge value chain.

Aaron Partouche - Liveblog Card.png

8:18AM EDT // 1:13PM BST

Some great insights from Aaron, looking forward to hearing more of his ideas. Thord mentioned Stockholm Data Parks, you can read some of our coverage on SDP.

Day 1 - Panel 2 Speakers.png

8:00AM EDT // 1:00PM BST

Right, we're onto our second session for the day: What makes a city ‘edge-ready’? A European perspective. A very warm welcome to our panellists:

  • Cara Mascini, EdgeInfra
  • Duncan Cubb, CBRE
  • Thord Swedenhammar, Stokab
  • Aaron Partouche, Colt

7:53AM EDT // 12:53AM BST

Here's the networking link George mentioned. Make sure you're ready for our next panel, kicking off in just over five minutes.

7:47AM EDT // 12:47PM BST

"Accelerated digital and business transformation is likely to mean accelerated edge deployments as well. And so, edge, as I mentioned, should be considered an opportunity for better outreach to customers"

Thanks for joining us Mark. What a great opening keynote. Mark will also be on a panel with us tomorrow, so make sure you register for that one. You can watch the opening keynote with Mark Thiele on-demand, for free, right here.

7:35AM EDT // 12:35PM BST

Working from home or working from anywhere? Mark is talking about a very topical issue now.

"Customer base is changing significantly as a result of Covid-19."

7:26AM EDT // 12:26PM BST

"What we're trying to do is build a solution for the edge."
Mark is talking through the assumptions we have to kill to implement the edge correctly.

Mark Thiele - Liveblog Card (1).png

7:13AM EDT // 12:13PM BST

Thanks for the intro George, Mark is giving us a good birds eye view of the state of play currently. In his words "business transformation is not just a place you get to."

7:00AM EDT // 12:00PM BST

And we're live! Tune into our first session, for a keynote from Mark Thiele at Edgevana.

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And a warm good afternoon to Kevin O'Donnell! Let's get started.

6:50AM EDT // 11:50AM BST

With just under 10 minutes to start why not take a look at some of our session previews? We interviewed some of the panel speakers from sessions over the next two days. Take a look: