Recent projections estimate data center energy consumption at 2,700 terawatt hours by 2040, with 60% of that consumption from distributed sites. This means more equipment, more power use, and more challenges to address.

The old model of sending all that data from the source to a centralised data center is less feasible due to latency and associated costs. As a result, network Edge data centers are taking stage.

In our latest eBook, Operations at the Edge, we walk you through the what, where, and how of Edge data center deployments. What exactly are network Edge data centers and why do we need them? Who is investing and where are they doing it? And most importantly, how do we overcome the challenges that stand in the way of an IT enabled future?

From optimizing power use at the Edge to the paradigm shift catalysed by AI and other high-density technologies, we examine the constantly evolving data center landscape at the Edge.