Conapto’s latest whitepaper taught us more about Sweden than high-school geography ever managed, and the country as a whole - Stockholm in particular - could be the perfect place for an efficient data center.

So, here we have it. 5 things that Conapto taught us about Stockholm. We will start with the most obvious.

  1. It is cold - which is good for data centers

Anyone who owns a data center knows a key consideration is keeping it cool in the most energy-efficient way. Stockholm has a very simple advantage in this area - it is cold. Temperatures dip down to freezing most winters and it rarely gets hotter than 77℉. Cooling in your data center is simplified - and can help keep that PUE value low. (Conapto’s centers have a PUE of 1.25 & 1.3)

2. It has a genius way of dealing with heat

As we mentioned - Stockholm is a chilly place. Sweden, therefore, has a proper appreciation for heat - and uses it wisely. Data centers in Stockholm are able to connect their heat diversion to a heat recovery system.

In other words - rather than pumping out unnecessary hot air, the excess heat caused by your center is transferred to homes in the nearby area. Your data center is literally keeping a family warm. This is, in itself, a good enough reason to relocate.

3. It is home to a huge Internet exchange

Getting practical - Stockholm has the largest Internet Exchange in the Nordics (which offers the highest traffic per peer in Europe). Therefore, the route from your equipment to the entire globe is faster and safer than locations further away from an Internet Exchange. This is a pretty nice guarantee to be able to offer customers

4. They have intelligence galore

Sweden has been the mother(land) of several successful businesses. Think H&M, Ikea, Volvo, Klarna, and Spotify. With a well-educated & tech-savvy workforce, Sweden is the ideal location for a data center that can't risk being crippled by the industry-wide skills shortage. This means that data centers and their customers will be able to trust that their equipment is in safe hands.

5. Cheap, cheap, electricity

Everyone hates spending unnecessary money, and electricity can be pretty pricey. Data centers use so much electricity that they can cost a small fortune. By reducing electricity costs, you can dramatically improve your CAPEX and OPEX.

There is a good reason that Sweden made Greta Thunberg - Sweden is one of the lowest-cost countries in the EU for electricity, in part due to their keen sense of ethics and desire to use sustainable energy that is renewable and fossil-free. This will help you keep down costs, ensure our planet survives a few more years in the meantime, and help you to meet your CSR goals.

Stockholm is a wonderful place. It is beautiful, cultured, interesting, and it is the ideal place to build and operate your data center.

Download Conapto’s whitepaper to learn more about Stockholm, and why it is truly the given place for your data center.