Cambridge-1 is the UK’s most powerful supercomputer and is changing the game when it comes to healthcare and life sciences research.

It is no surprise that it has led to NVIDIA and Kao Data winning the data center operations team of the year award.

On winning, EMEA Industry Lead for NVIDIA, Marc Warren, told DCD “it's fantastic to win this award. It's a testament to the power of Kao and the operations team.”

With 400 petaflops per AI performance, the supercomputer has incredible processing power and is capable of supercharging research. It is the technological success that has made Lee Myall, CEO of Kao Dat proud to be involved in the project.

“We love being the foundations of success for ourselves and with others. Between us, we're enabling great things happening at the scientific level, for epidemiological research, for example, and that's what this is all about.

What set the operations team apart, however, was how they coped during the Covid-19 pandemic. With travel severely restricted, the entire installation process and deployment of technologies such as digital twin and AI robotics, had to be coordinated remotely across the Atlantic ocean.

The ability to adjust and work in difficult circumstances is essential to a great operations team, as recognized by category sponsor Caterpillar.

James Murray, Senior Sales Manager at Caterpillar noted that “the finalists in this category have overcome some impressive operational challenges to keep their operations online and their customers connected in this past year. We recognize all those involved."