The Young Mission Critical Engineer of the Year award is always uplifting, in that it highlights the talent that we have, and hope to keep in the industry for years to come.

The skill-shortage is a real struggle within the data center industry. With the current highly-skilled workforce getting older, it is all the more important that we keep finding and acknowledging those who will eventually replace them.

This year's Young Mission Critical Engineer of the year award is sponsored by Kirby Group Engineering, appropriate due to Kirby’s dedication to the upskilling and training of their engineers.

Mark Flanagan, Group Managing Director at Kirby Group Engineering told DCD, “the next generation of engineers aren't just important. They're absolutely critical. Without them, our business and indeed this industry cannot succeed. At Kirby, we look forward to helping more young people from all walks of life, start a great career in this industry, and tonight's finalists show what a great impact one can have, even at a young age.”

The award went to Chris Hayward of PhillipsPage Associates - their lead electrical engineer in data design. With multiple specialist skill areas, including sequence of operations and Building Automation systems, Chris is an asset to engineering.