ABB has launched a UPS which is up to 45 percent smaller than its rivals, it claims.

The Megaflex is aimed at markets which require UPS systems that comply with standards. The IEC version for Europe has a capacity of 1.5MW, and the UL version for the US goes to 1.6MW, and can be combined to provide up to 6MW. The product was launched by ABB Electrification at Data Center World in London earlier this month.

Smaller space


The product has a high efficiency with converters delivering up to 97.4 percent, adaptable to variable IT load, ABB's Ciaran Flanagan told DCD at the event. This is because of the high-specifications of components including the internal busbars and connectors.

“As larger data centers push power requirements ever higher, demand for scalable and redundant power solutions continues to grow," said Flanagan, global head of data center business for ABB. "The vast amount of energy consumed by these data centers means that every percentage point improvement in efficiency brings with it cost savings."

The product supports standard power distribution architectures, and complies with Uptime Institute classifications and the EN 50600 standard. In VFI (Voltage Frequency Independent) mode, it gives up to 97.4 percent efficiency. It works with Li-ion and VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid batteries) and is a small enough package to be moved into place with a pallet truck.

It is manageable over SNMP, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RS-485, and has its own self-diagnostics, which should make it safer and quicker to set up. It also has intelligent predictive maintenance.

ABB Electrification has a "Mission to Zero" program and says this product will help smart cities achieve zero emissions.