Amazon is leasing more than five acres of land from Indian conglomerate Larsen & Toubro Ltd, (L&T) outside Mumbai, likely for a data center.

Amazon Data Services Pvt Ltd has leased 5.5-acres of freehold industrial land space from L&T in Powai in Mumbai for 21 years and six months, according to real estate firm Propstack.

Propstack said the property documents show Amazon is planning to develop a data center on the site. The rent is Rs 3.57 crore ($451,532 ) per month, with a Rs 99 crore ($12.5m) deposit. The plot is part of 58-acre site that L&T owns.

“With businesses increasingly clustering together in cities, Amazon’s city-center data center will be a vital cog in the economy of a global city. It is also significant that while most data centers prefer to be located in the outskirts of any city, Amazon has chosen to be at the heart of a suburban business district of Mumbai,” said Raja Seetharaman, co-founder of Propstack.

AWS launched a Mumbai data center region in 2016. The region has three availability zones. The company is working on launching another Indian region in Hyderabad and is planning Local Zones in Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangaluru.

Microsoft opened three Indian cloud regions in Pune, Chennai (South India), and Mumbai (West India) in 2015 and is planning a Hyderabad region in the future. The company has since delisted its Mumbai region; it may have been converted into a reserved access region.

Google has Indian cloud regions in Mumbai and Delhi, while Oracle has regions in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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