Local telco Bite Lithuania has opened a new data center outside Vilnius in Lithuania.

Specifications weren’t shared, but the company said the new facility, inside the Data Inn data center managed by Data Logistics Center is certified Tier III and is powered by renewable energy.

Data Inn Vilnius Lithuania Data Logistics Center.jpg
– Data Logistics Center

"We are investing millions to guarantee our customers the highest quality data center services. The new data center meets the particularly high "Tier III" standard, valued by the world's largest companies: this will ensure even greater data security and business continuity for our customers. From now on, we can offer thousands of business customers the most important IT services they need from a single source," said Gintas Butėnas, CEO of Bitė Lietuva.

Founded in 1995, Bitė Group has been owned by Providence Equity Partners since 2016. The company offers mobile, fixed broadband, and TV services. It acquired Latvian data center provider Latnet in 2018.

The company now operates a total of six data centers across Kaunas, Riga, and Vilnius. The company said it will offer geo-redundancy failover between data centers in Lithuania and Latvia, and if necessary in Germany or Sweden.

Duomenu Logistikos Centras, aka Data Logistics Center and part of Ignitis Group, operates the Data Inn data center alongside five other facilities as well as a 2,000-kilometer fiber network across Lithuania.

"As businesses are actively digitalizing, the relevance of data center services is growing. Customers prioritize reliability and security, and the data center located next to Vilnius is the first in Lithuania to receive extremely high-level security certificates," says Andris Gailitis, CEO of Duomeņu logistikos centras.

Ealier this year Bite acquired UAB Marmast, which manages 25 towers in Lithuania and Latvia.

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