Compass Datacenters has filed for a new data center project in Red Oak, Texas.

The company has filed with the state of Texas for a renovation project known as Vallies ELT-1 at 441 N. Austin Blvd, to the south of Dallas.

The project, set to start at the end of September and run to the end of March 2023, is for a tenant fit-out of data hall space, supporting infrastructure spaces, and tenant office space totaling 5,000 sq ft (465 sqm).

In the filing – which the company confirmed to BizJournal – Compass said the estimated cost is $64 million. The site owner is listed as Vallies LLC, which appears to be linked to Dallas-Based Michael Malone Architects, Inc. via a shared phone number.

According to Google Maps, both sides of Austin Blvd in Ellis County are empty aside from some small local businesses on the northern corner. Bombardier and Qarbon Aerospace have facilities along the south of Austin Blvd.

Compass currently operates two sites in Texas. One in Allen in the Plano area of North Dallas, and another in Red Oak. The company acquired some 225 acres of land in 2020 to build out up to 350MW of data centers. The site, located at 300 Houston School Road and less than a mile away from Austin Blvd, has one 1 million sq ft building completed with another 250,000 sq ft facility in development and due for completion by the end of the year.

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