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– Ellie James/DCD

The brain harbors a lot of secrets. Some are dark, terrible things that we hope will never be discovered, while others hold the promise of whole new forms of computing.

For the cover feature of the October/November DCD Magazine we talk to the neuromorphic engineers hoping to delve into the depths of the mind, building new computing architectures that break away from the von Neumann systems we know so well. Hear from the creator of the field, Carver Mead, as well as luminaries from IBM, Intel, the Human Brain Project and the inventor of the original Arm chip, in our deep dive feature on brain-inspired computing.

Elsewhere in the mag, we travel the world in search of multi-story data centers, discovering what goes down when tech goes up. Find out what it takes to go higher from Digital Realty, Telehouse, QTS and others.

Plus, we try to tackle the skills gap, talk to Schneider Electric's Dave Johnson about the Edge, and discuss new approaches to power in a special supplement.

There's more - from Yandex's cloud push to a breakdown of Japan's data center market - but we'll let you find out what else we've managed to cram in.

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