Making a magazine is a strange process - you start with some vague ideas scratched out on a notepad and try to forge a product that you can be truly proud of, excited to hold it aloft for the world to see - your creation made out of blood, sweat and tears.

Much like any birth, it is a tortuous process from conception to creation.

For data centers, it is a similar story, just over a longer time period. The cover issue of this DCD Magazine tracks that life story, from the first planning application, to the last flicker of life as the facility is shut down. On the way, the building will be part of shifting partnerships and family allegiances, and may suffer life-threatening illnesses - just like a human would.

The June/July issue is out now – available to view online, or as a print publication delivered to your door (registration required), entirely for free.

What’s in the magazine

In addition to our cover feature, we have packed this issue full of news, views and ideas. Here’s just a sneak peek at some of the content inside:

The king under the mountain

Lefdal Mine
– Lefdal Mine Datacenter

We traveled deep inside a Norwegian mountain to check out the location that could become Europe’s largest data center. But can Lefdal Mine pull off this ambitious plan, considering how long it takes to get there? We investigate, talking to the company behind the project, some of its biggest clients, and the politicians who were keen to tout the site’s import.

The Second Coming of Mark Shuttleworth

– DCD/Fay Marney

Guess who’s back? Returning to the helm of Canonical is Mark Shuttleworth, creator of Ubuntu and destroyer of Ubuntu projects. We talk to the newly crowned CEO about love, loss and OpenStack.

The top 10 extreme data centers

Top 10
– Holly Tillier

Hold onto your hard hats because we’re taking you on a wild ride through the world of extreme data centers. Space! War! Mountains! Ice! Who says that data centers have to be somewhere normal?

IoT in the industrial arena - an engineer’s best friend?

IIoT pet
– Chris Perrins

When the Internet of Things strays into industry, you may need to clean up after it, says Chris MacKinnon. Meanwhile, head of design Chris Perrins finally manages to fulfil his dream - sneaking dog waste into the issue.

The Cooling Supplement

This edition of the DCD Magazine also comes with an additional cooling supplement, sponsored by Stulz. Here’s a sample of what’s in the issue.

The flavors of cooling

The flavors of cooling
– Holly Tillier

Data centers have to beat the heat, and Peter Judge looks at how, delving into the science of psychrometry while he’s at it.

Back to nature

Back to nature

Water, water everywhere, and perhaps a drop to cool your data center. Tanwen Dawn-Hiscox dives into a world of lakes, rivers and aquifers.

Dunk or dip

Dunk or Dip
– Holly Tillier

Sebastian Moss and Max Smolaks look at two liquid cooling systems - one from Asperitas and one from Icetope. 

And more! - We have content from our team in LATAM and APAC, opinions from The Infrastructure Masons and Green Grid, and a couple of extra things to boot.

DCD Magazine in the wild

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From all of the DCD team, we really hope you enjoy this issue. We’re already working on our next one, and can’t wait to share it with you too.

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