It’s not easy being human: we’re fragile, fickle beings capable of errors and follies, driven by emotions. And yet, somehow, civilization has prospered and we have built a huge, interconnected web of digital infrastructure that, at its core, lives in a series of data centers.

Now, there are those saying we should hand the keys to our creation to new masters - artificial intelligence algorithms.

AI is set to reshape the world, but are we ready to let the data center be run by the machine itself?

For the cover feature of the latest DCD Magazine, we have talked to experts in the fields of AI, DCIM and data center design, to find out more abut the current state of AI in the data center, without the breathless hype of a Hollywood movie or a clickbait news post.

The October/November issue is out now – available to view online, or as a print publication delivered to your door (registration required), entirely for free.

What’s in the magazine

In addition to our cover feature (with graphic design by the latest addition to the DCD team, Mar Perez), this issue offers a plethora of exciting new content. Here’s what you can expect:

Dirty data centers
– DCD/Holly Tillier

Dirty data centers

What do corpses and metal whiskers have in common? Tanwen Dawn-Hiscox uncovers that both pose a risk to a data center - unless you know how to keep your bits clean.

DC Detectives
– Mar Perez

Watching the data center detectives

When things go wrong, specialist forensic engineers are called in to root out the causes of a data center failure. This is their story.

One ring to rule them all

Mesosphere co-founder and chief architect Benjamin Hindman talks to Max Smolaks about the Data Center Operating System.

– Chris Perrins

Life on the edge

It’s being built right now, but people still can’t agree on what the edge is, reports Peter Judge from DCD>Colo+Cloud conference in Dallas.

Be prepared for trouble

Chris MacKinnon delves into how to make sure your data center can survive extreme weather.

– Microsoft

Olympus unveiled

One year on, we revisit Microsoft’s ‘Project Olympus’ hyperscale hardware architecture initiative.

London weathers Brexit fears

No one knows how the negotiations will go, or how badly it will all turn out, but there is at least something to be positive about - despite all the Brexit fears, the London colocation market has remained remarkably robust.

– Chris Perrins

The GDPR horror show

Max Smolaks lets loose: we’re not ready for what’s coming.

And more!

We have content from our teams in LATAM and APAC and a crash course in hyperconverged infrastructure from Dan Robinson, along with the usual mix of news stories, in-jokes and obscure references.

From the entire DCD team, we really hope you enjoy this issue. We’re already working on the next one, and can’t wait to share it with you too.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, be sure to let us know in the comments below, or at

We will also be at this year’s DCD>Zettastructure event in London on November 7-8, so if you see one of us running about, laden with recording devices, cameras and notepads, be sure to say hi.