Gathering performance data from infrastructure equipment can help customers and vendors 

Live data from power and cooling infrastructure can be used to help customers get better performance, and perform predictive maintenance,according to Henrik Leerberg of Schneider, who spoke to us about StruxureOn, launched at DCD Zettastructure.

“The analytics we do is going back to our customers, to help them understand what is going on at their data center - how efficient they are, where they can improve, and what components they need to replace,”  said Henrik Leerberg, product line director at Schneider Electric, in an interview at DCD Zettastructure in London, in November 2016.

StruxureOn is a cloud-based digital service that monitors data centers, with predictive maintenance and access to Schneider experts. It will help customers determine. It was launched in Europe in December 2016, having been launched earlier in the US. The data will also be used by Schneider to help improve its products in the future, based on how they perform in the field.