Data centers should consider moving to Finland, says Toni Mattila

Finland has a lot going for it as a location for data centers, according to Tony Mattila of Invest in Finland. 

“The price of energy across the Nordics is very low, compared to other regions,” said Toni Mattila, senior advisor to Invest in Finland in an interview at DCD Zettastructure in London. This leaves little room for competition within the region, he said. ”Finland’s advantage is connections. We have a very good, fast, high-quailty connection from Helsinki to the centre of Europe. You can reach Frankfurt in less than 20ms. And there are new connections being built to Asia.” 

In Finland, waste heat is a saleable asset, to even further reduce your costs of operation, Mattila pointed out. The country also has strong privacy rules, that say that your personal data is your property, and there is a strong data security sector.