We need to get back to basics

There are many techniques to make data centers more efficient, that have been aroiund for a long while, that are not widely implemented, says Simon Brady of the Green Grid. 

”People are looking at new technologies, but really we need to get back to basics” said Brady, who is chairman of the EMEA liaison work group at the Green Grid, and also works as an optimization services consultant at Vertiv, in an interview at DCD Zettastructure in London. “The Green Grid is encouraging everyone to implement best practices that have been around for a long time, like blanking panels and aisle containment, before we start implementing some of these newer technologies.” 

Moving floor tiles and walking around with a roll of duct tape can have a good return with almost zero investment, said Brady:  “It doesn’t look pretty, but it really does work!”

When the Zettastructure arrives, he says, “me and my trusty duct tape will be out there making it more efficient!”