Research shows data center managers are still not satisfied with the tools they have power management

Despite years of work, the industry is still crying out for better ways to manage their data centers, according to research commissioned by Eaton. 

Although the majority of people felt they had the correct infrastructure in place to manage their data centers, a lot were falliung short,” said Dennis O’Sullivan, EMEA data center marketing mamager for power specialist Eaton, in an interview at the DCD Zettastructure event in London. ”More than a third [36 percent] said they had little confidence in how their power was being managed.”

The research, commissionied from Freeform Dynamics helped determine Eaton’s new product, launched at Zettastructure, said O’Sullivan. The Intelligent Power Management Infrastructure (IPMI) product is based on an open source project called 42ITy (“Fortuity”), which allows vendor neutral data acquisition and integration with other vendors’ products.