The Indonesia market has faced progressively tightened data protection laws in recent years, with a large focus on the financial services sector. Now that focus is widening, and the sixth annual DCD>Indonesia event on 5 April will bring together over 500 senior IT professionals from various sectors to discuss what’s next for the Indonesia data center market.

Data protection rules will affect new sectors, and the DCD event, at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan on April 5 2018, will look at the data protection landscape, with executives from various enterprises, including e-commerce, healthcare, finance, education and more.

Understand the impact

Frenky Tjioe, Head of Information Security Governance & Compliance at South-East Asia’s largest e-commerce company will weigh in with a keynote entitled The current data protection landscape in Indonesia and what it means for the DC industry in the coming years.

“I am looking forward to sharing my insights at the main gathering of the IT & Data Center community in April. With the data protection landscape constantly evolving in response to the growth of data in Indonesia in part due to thriving ecommerce, it is key that IT professionals understand how this impacts the digital infrastructure space and our relationship with telco, colocation and cloud providers,” said Frenky.

Frenky is one of 30 thought leaders from industry associations, enterprises and technology providers such as Uptime Institute, AirTrunk, and Agung Sedau Group that will be sharing case studies and practical takeaways on how hybrid IT infrastructure can help accelerate digital transformation for enterprise IT in Indonesia with new technologies such as IoT, AI, robotics and 5G.

View the DCD>Indonesia 2018 trailer video here.

Uptime Institute workshop at DCD>Indonesia 2018

“With increased growth in Internet and Smartphone penetration, e-commerce in Jakarta and Indonesia in general is expected to continue its accelerated growth well into 2020,” said John Duffin, managing director, Asia Pacific for Uptime Institute. “These factors increase demand for cloud services and related requirements for data center capacity with expansion of both colocation and managed hosting services.”

With this in mind and as part of the global content partnership between DCD and Uptime Institute, a half-day workshop will be conducted on 4 April, led by John Duffin, managing director of Uptime Institute. Uptime Institute will be looking at key issues from the deployment of fundamental technologies to the creation of hybrid infrastructures and the cloud, giving delegates insight into the change that is already happening at various rates across the industry

Delegates will be able to register interest to attend the workshop through the main event registration survey.