UAE telco Du is set to deploy Oracle Alloy to offer cloud and sovereign AI services to the government and public sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC)-owned company will focus its offering on Dubai and the Northern Emirates and will host Oracle Alloy in its data center in the UAE.

Du Data Center Aerial-View
Du's Silicon Oasis data center – Amana

Oracle Alloy became commercially available in 2022 and is a cloud infrastructure platform that enables Oracle partners to become cloud providers.

Via Oracle Alloy, Du will be able to provide more than 100 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services along with its own cloud services and applications.

Du will also benefit from Oracle's collaboration with Nvidia, giving Du sovereign AI capabilities and making Oracle's GPU-as-a-Service available to government bodies in the UAE.

Finally, Oracle Alloy will be used for Du's internal modernization of its IT and engineering ecosystem.

Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO of Du said: “The UAE is one of the fastest-growing cloud services markets in the world, and public sector entities in the UAE are rapidly embracing the benefits of the cloud, including added agility, efficiency, security, and access to the latest digital technologies such as AI and machine learning.

"The deployment of Oracle Alloy is a major step in our evolution into a cloud services market, complementing our wide portfolio of managed services with comprehensive public cloud capabilities that enable us to respond nimbly to the transformation demands of our customers. The ability to deploy AI services in a dedicated cloud region within our local data center in the UAE is particularly valuable in helping our government customers accelerate their transformation initiatives from a facility within the UAE.”

“Oracle Alloy is a key component of Oracle’s distributed cloud strategy, which aims to give our partners and customers more choice in how they build, deploy, and operate cloud services,” said Nick Redshaw, senior vice president of technology, and UAE country leader, Oracle. “With its strong customer network and local capabilities, du is well positioned to help the governments of Dubai and other Emirates harness the high performance, flexibility, security, and scalability offered by OCI.”

In January 2024, Oracle and Du signed a partnership framework to develop a sovereign cloud platform in the UAE.

Oracle has two UAE cloud regions: UAE East located in Dubai, which launched in September 2020, and UAE Central in Abu Dhabi, which launched in November 2021.

Du operates or has a presence in five data centers across the UAE, two of which opened in 2021. Those data centers include the Dubai Silicon Oasis, Meydan Dubai, IMPZ Equinix, Kizad Abu Dhabi, and Masdar City Abu Dhabi.

Other customers of Oracle Alloy include Fujitsu in Japan, Team IM in New Zealand, and the Nomura Research Institute.