Equinix has opened its third data center in Warsaw, Poland.

The $34m WA3 International Business Exchange (IBX) opened on March 5. Now undergoing its first expansion phase, the data center offers 475 cabinets and more than 1,400 sq m (15,000 sq ft) of colocation space. Once the data center is fully built out, the facility will include more than 3,500 sq m (38,000 sq ft) of colocation space, with capacity for approximately 1,200 cabinets.

DCD reported on the initial building project back in November. At the time, Robert Busz, the managing director for Equinix in Poland, said: “WA3 will be a big milestone and aid in further establishing cloud data sovereignty in Poland. Through our interconnection platform, large footprint in WA3 and via ECX Fabric, we can offer a perfect local ecosystem for global cloud service providers."

Equinix says the WA3 data center will use 100 percent renewable energy from wind power. Other features include adaptive control systems, cold/hot aisle containment, energy-efficient LED and motion-controlled lighting.

Equinix's Warsaw data centers – Warsaw

Busz said: “Sustainability is a vitally important aspect of Equinix's operations. One of the first companies in the industry to do so, Equinix has publicly committed to supplying its entire data center platform with 100 percent clean and renewable energy sources.

“We are currently at 90 percent of our goal. Equinix was also the first data center company to start measuring and reporting our environmental impact in a transparent manner, including global energy consumption and carbon emissions.

“Protecting and connecting the digital world sustainably is something we are passionate about.”

Equinix's Polish Internet

Equinix now has three IBX data centers in Warsaw.

The addition of WA3 enables local customers to leverage more Equinix solutions such as Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric and gain access to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Google Cloud.

The new data center also offers access to the Equinix Internet Exchange (IX), formerly, Polish Internet Exchange (PLIX).

Although based in Central Europe, the IX provides network access to Eastern Europe, and allows operators, content providers, and enterprises to exchange Internet traffic with almost 250 peers through more than 460 active ports.

Other plans

Equinix previously announced that it will also invest $45m over the next five years into a product development center (PDC) in Warsaw.

The PDC would, according to Equinix, design software products, virtual IT infrastructure; and perform data science research. The center in Warsaw is one of three global Equinix “innovation locations” in addition to Singapore and Silicon Valley.