A fire broke out in Digital Realty's LAX12 data center in El Segundo, California on Sunday 21 May.

The fire caused two suites at the facility to be shut down and destroyed an unknown number of servers, with power cut off and some users locked out of the server space. The suite affected by the fire is still apparently out of action three days after the fire.

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– hans/pixabay

According to an incident report from Evocative, which used space at the facility, the fire took place at 1:40am on Sunday, in the Colo 4 space within the Digital Realty facility at 2260 E El Segundo Blvd.

The fire sprinkler system was activated in the Colo space above row 4 and was limited to row 4 with some exposure to adjacent rows, according to a report from Digital Realty. Power was cut off to the Colo 3 and 4 spaces.

Evocative lost an unknown number of servers, and some users reported they were still unable to enter a day later. Power was restored to Colo 3 after an hour or so.

"It looks like the Colo 4 is still without power," said one user on Reddit, late on Wednesday. "I contacted Digital Reality and they were tight-lipped, only responding with empty words."

The day before, a customer from Colo 3 reported: "The lobby was absolutely packed with people waiting to get access to Colo 4. The conference rooms were all loaded and looked like a battle zone. The smell of smoke was intense, and the cleaning chemicals too. Our colo suite had none of that and appears to be safe."

DCD has contacted Digital Realty for more information