Huawei and Keppel Data Centres Holding (KDCH) are building a Cognitive Datacenter reference site at the Keppel DC Singapore 4 site. 

The two companies have already agreed to collaborate on data center efficiency and sustainability for areas including high performance computing, according to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed earlier. Located in Tampines, Keppel DC Singapore 4 was completed in 2016 and is among the largest in Singapore with a gross floor area of 183,000 sq ft.

Keppel DC Singapore 4
Keppel DC Singapore 4 – Keppel Data Centres Holding

Technology showcase

The reference site will showcase new technologies from both firms that are geared towards providing a virtualized and energy efficient data center management system, making use of deep learning and AI to drive automated insights. A single interface could offer access to storage and data processing across different data centers on demand.

“Enabling cognitive intelligence for data centers will help enterprises identify gaps and opportunities quickly and move ahead of the competition. The collaboration with Keppel Data Centres will bring us one step closer to realizing fully-cognitive data centers,” said Wang Shao Tong, the managing director of Huawei Enterprise Business Group in Singapore.

“Keppel Data Centres looks forward to potentially uncovering new insights that can enhance the data center as we know it today,” said Kenny Khow, global head of sales at Keppel Data Centres.

Keppel Data Centre is hardly new in exploring green technologies. Last year, it was named as an industry partner in a Tropical Data Center trial spearheaded by the IMDA or Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (Formerly known as the IDA). As reported at that time, the objective is to create a proof-of-concept to demonstrate that data centers can function optimally at temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius, and ambient humidity of 90 percent and higher.