Iceotope has launched a new liquid cooling lab and data center in Sheffield, UK.

In other cooling news, CoolIT Systems has launched three new cooling distribution units, and Midas Immersion Cooling has partnered with UK colo firm Carbon-Z.

Iceotope launches liquid cooling lab & data center in Yorkshire

icotope cooling lab
Iceotope's cooling lab – Iceotope

Iceotope this week announced the launch of Iceotope Labs, its first liquid cooling lab, at its global HQ in Sheffield. The lab is designed to research and test liquid cooling.

The lab was deployed in partnership with local data center provider Efficiency IT. The fully functional, small-scale liquid-cooled data center includes two temperature-controlled test rooms and dedicated space for thermal, mechanical, and electronic testing for equipment ranging from CPUs and GPUs to racks and manifolds.

The lab features a facility water system (FWS) loop, a technology cooling system (TCS) loop with heat exchangers, as well as an outside dry cooler – demonstrating key technologies for a complete liquid-cooled facility. The two flexible, secondary loops are independent of each other and have a large temperature band to stress-test the efficiency and resiliency of a customers' IT equipment if and when required.

"We are investing in our research and innovation capabilities to offer customers an unparalleled opportunity," said David Craig, CEO of Iceotope. “Iceotope Labs not only serves as a blueprint for what a liquid-cooled data center should be but is also a collaborative hub for clients to explore liquid cooling solutions without the need for their own lab space. It's a transformative offering within the data center industry."

CoolIT launches three new CDUs

CoolIT CDU AHx240, AHx180 and CHx500
CoolIT's new CDUs – CoolIT

CoolIT Systems this week announced the launch of three new models in its lineup of Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs): AHx240, AHx180, and CHx500.

The company said the three systems were designed to support direct liquid cooling requirements of high-density applications such as AI.

The liquid-to-air AHx240 provides more than 240kW of cooling capacity in a two-rack footprint; while the AHx180 delivers 180kW with a design optimized to operate within standard data center airflow ranges.

The CHx500 liquid-to-liquid CDU provides scalable cooling for high-density computational workloads. Four CHx500 units can be stacked to provide 2MW of heat management in a single rack.

“Our engineering team has designed these new CDUs to deliver the highest performance and density in the industry, with flow rates that meet the demanding requirements for AI systems, “ said Patrick McGinn, CoolIT COO. “We are excited to be producing these products in our new Canadian facility, at scale and with immediate availability.”

Units are currently in production and shipping from CoolIT’s Canadian manufacturing facility.

Midas Immersion Cooling partners with Carbon-Z

Midas Immersion Cooling, which provides single-phase immersion cooling tanks and equipment, has been selected as a strategic vendor to UK colocation firm Carbon-Z.

Founded in 2010, Texas-based Midas offers 12U and 50U immersion tanks, as well as offerings tailored for cryptomining hardware and immersion cooling container modules. The company says it has deployed more than 500MW of installed capacity.

Carbon-Z offers colocation services from a facility in Swindon and has a micro data center offering. The company is part of Silveredge DC, a UK data center firm formed in 2021.

The Swindon data center provides 37,000 sq ft (3,400 sq m) of space with 7.5MW of available power. It is not a new facility, having been previously operated by Eduserv, the data center arm of UK research not-for-profit Jisc. Carbon-Z said it aims to connect to a heat recovery system this year.

On its website, Carbon-Z says it has 70 deployed racks in the Swindon site ready to go, plus a Data Hall with 160 footprints already fitted out and ready to take on racks or immersion baths. The company reportedly has an 18-footprint immersion bath data hall ready for bath deployment.

Carbon-Z says it also offers micro-data center modules that can use immersion or direct-to-chip cooling. Carbon-Z has said it's using Castrol’s cooling fluid for its immersion tanks.

Tony Virr, data center operations director at Carbon-Z, said: "We are excited to feature Midas as we strengthen our best-in-class liquid cooling technology offerings. Their redundant, hot-swappable cooling distribution unit technology is vital to delivering the uninterrupted service our customers demand."

Scott Sickmiller, CEO at Midas, added: "There is obvious demand for Carbon-Z's micro data center strategy offering customized options with quick deployment. We are excited for the opportunity to work with a thought leader in this growing market sector."

Midas this week also announced a partnership with the University of Florida’s Semiconductor Institute to further research semiconductors and liquid cooling. This will include novel applications in the defense sector, enhancing energy efficiency in future data centers, and developing semiconductor designs optimized for liquid cooling.