6fusion proposes a new method for measuring IT

Infrastructure Masons is an industry group established in April 2016 by Dean Nelson, who was previously responsible for data center operations at eBay and PayPal.

It aims to bring together people who build data centers - designers, architects and engineers - to share best practices, see new technology, and possibly even influence the development of the industry as a whole.

In the video above, Nelson interviews Rob Bissett, Chief Strategy Officer at 6fusion, about the company’s Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) - the universal meter for IT infrastructure. The virtual appliance takes into account metrics like the power of the CPU , amount of memory and disk I/O available, as well as energy spent on these resources, to come up with a new unit of measurement - the kWAC.

According to Bissett, the WAC enables customers to easily compare different infrastructure providers, including cloud vendors. It also helps cloud providers demonstrate the value for money they can achieve.