Microsoft's Azure Active Directory (AAD) service was temporarily down on Monday, bringing a number of services with it.

Microsoft Teams, Office, Dynamics, Xbox Live, the Azure Portal, Forms, Exchange Online, Azure Kubernetes Service, Intune, and Yammer were among those impacted by the outage. Some stopped working entirely, while others only impacted some users.

The issue is now resolved.

What will we do without Yammer?

Microsoft Azure
– Sebastian Moss

"We've identified an issue with a recent change to an authentication system," Microsoft said a few hours into the outage. "We’re rolling back the update to mitigate impact, which we expect will take approximately 15 minutes."

More than 15 minutes later, the company continued: "The process to roll back the change is taking longer than expected. We'll provide an ETA as soon as one becomes available."

Over three hours later, Microsoft said that it had completed the rollout of the fix and that recovery was underway. "At this time, a subset of Azure services may be experiencing residual impact due to downstream impact to Azure Storage and Azure Key Vault services. These services are continuing to pursue recovery actions."

The issue mirrors a similar Azure Active Directory failure in September, which lasted three hours.