Microsoft has bought 939 acres of St. Joe Farm in Mishawaka, Indiana, to build a data center.

This follows yesterday's announcement that Microsoft is planning to spend $1 billion on a data center in Northwest Indiana. That campus will feature a 245,000 sq ft (22,800 sqm) data center on 489 acres at the Radius Industrial Park in La Porte.

The latest announcement, first reported in The South Bend Tribute, suggests the tech giant has also paid $77.5 million for land located east of Capital Avenue and Cleveland Road in St Joseph County.

St Joe Farm Microsoft
Microsoft's acquired land in Mishawaka, Indiana – Google Maps

The county council voted to rezone the land last month despite objections from residents. Part of the project includes the city of Mishawaka extending water and sewer services to the site.

In the council meeting, Mike Danch, a local consultant to Microsoft, said American Electric Power had confirmed having enough electricity to fuel the data center.

He added the data center would use the latest techniques to control noise, and a “vegetative buffer” along the creek to prevent silt and nitrates from draining into it.

Other details of the proposed data center have not been shared.

The campus is set to create more than 300 jobs. St. Joe Farm was previously owned by Paul and Cathy Blum.

Microsoft's presence in Indiana comes after AWS and Google recently announced data center builds in Indiana, in New Carlisle and Fort Wayne, respectively.

Meta, US Signals, DataBank, Netrality, and Digital Crossroads all have a presence in Indiana.