Microsoft has filed to build three data centers in Malaga, Washington.

First reported by WenatcheeWorld, the company has filed to build three buildings on Malaga Alcoa Highway in Chelan County. Jim Kuntz, Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority CEO, said the filing was “good news.”

Microsoft Malaga, Chelan County, Washington.png
– Google Maps

At a recent Port Authority board meeting, the authority gave an overview of the ‘Waterline Extension Project’ designed to improve water infrastructure in the area to accommodate the planned data centers.

In the filings, the Port Authority said it assumes the development will construct three buildings on the site by the end of 2025, with potential for two more buildings by 2027.

Specifications weren’t shared, but the authority says the buildings will each require approximately 83 gallons per minute, totaling just shy of 121,000 gallons per day. Waterworks are expected to be complete by the end of 2025.

In April 2022 Microsoft acquired more than 100 acres in a deal spread across two phases; Phase I is the Lojo Property, 72.5 acres at 5375 Malaga Alcoa Highway for which Microsoft paid $6.6 million.

Phase II is the Curtis and Torres properties, 20 and 10 acres, at 5351 Malaga Alcoa Highway and 5309 Malaga Alcoa Highway, respectively for which the company paid $2.6 million.

It seems the first three buildings are set to be built on the Phase I plot. The Port has authorized spending up to $1.3 million for components needed to extend a 5,000-foot-long water line from Saturday Avenue to the 72-acre Lojo Property.

Malaga is around 20 miles from Quincy, where Microsoft has a number of data centers.

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