Japanese IT giant NEC is working on an artificial intelligence-based service for carrier network operators.

Advanced Performance Analytics for Transport Networks uses AI to improve efficiency of network services, optimize inventory and simplify capacity planning decisions.

The service is expected to be available in the middle of 2018. It will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which begins on 26 February.

Intelligent networks

In today’s market, carriers have to manage hundreds of thousands of network devices, which generate enormous amounts of log data. The Advanced Performance Analytics service was designed to analyze this data using AI in order to streamline service delivery.

According to NEC, the service can estimate the demand for network devices based on precise predictions of future communication traffic, using AI algorithms that were at least 97 percent accurate in early trials. This enables customers to optimize their inventory by making orders based on the estimated demand, current inventory level and lead time.

The service also helps improve the quality of service by predicting which devices might cause packet loss two to three months in advance, and proposing a priority order for those devices to be maintained.

The company has built up considerable expertise in the emerging AI field, having been involved with more than 500 AI projects to date.

“NEC has already successfully verified the service in collaboration with several tier 1 telecom carriers,” said Tsutomu Ikenaga, deputy general manager for Transport Solutions Division at NEC.

“NEC aims to extend services by analyzing the causes of issues and optimizing networks through AI, TOMS and SDN, thereby contributing to the automated operation of advanced networks for the coming era of IoT and 5G.”