American hybrid storage specialist Nimble Storage has launched beta version of a service that simplifies migration of business applications to public infrastructure operated by Amazon and Microsoft.

Nimble Cloud Volumes is hosted and managed by Nimble and built with the company’s own hardware and software. Storage provisioned with Cloud Volumes can connect to AWS or Azure compute instances and be used immediately, with pay-as-you-go pricing.

The platform also enriches cloud storage with data services like instant snapshots and clones.

According to Nimble, Cloud Volumes is especially suitable for customers who plan to migrate large transactional workloads, like CRM and financial applications, to the cloud.


Multi-cloud storage from Nimble
– Nimble Storage

Nimble Cloud Volumes is a brand new product for the company, and could be considered its first entry into the public cloud arena.

According to Nimble, the first workloads to move to the cloud were web and mobile apps. But as the market matured, enterprise users began considering public infrastructure for their core business applications and production data, placing more emphasis on reliability and enterprise-grade features.

Cloud Volumes is managed with the same simplicity customers expect from their on-premise storage, but takes advantage of cloud economics, with prices as low as $0.10 per GB per month. The platform includes predictive analytics capabilities and offers storage visibility across different types of infrastructure.

It also enables customers to move data between multiple public clouds and on-premise data centers without large data egress charges.

“With Nimble Cloud Volumes, enterprises can finally migrate critical applications to the cloud with complete confidence that they will have the same data durability and enterprise-capabilites they have on-premise,” said Ajay Singh, vice president of product management, Nimble Storage.

“Enterprises maximize flexibility by using a multi-cloud storage service that allows mobility between public clouds and their data center. By using Nimble Cloud Volumes in conjunction with Nimble All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays they take a major step in ensuring their data centers are cloud ready.”

The service is currently in beta, and actual customer previews in the US will start this quarter. Nimble plans to make Cloud Volumes available to additional regions over the next six to 12 months.