North Wales Police has put out tenders for three new contracts, including data center management, with a total value of up to £41 million ($57.2m).

The police force is looking for new provides in workplace, data center, and network support contracts.

Amongst the three tender requests is a contract for ICT Enterprise Systems Services. Valued from £1.7-12.1 million ($2.4-16.9m) and running from October 2021 to September 2024, the Police require a firm to provide and support its on-premise data center environment, currently comprising 300 virtual servers and approximately 60 physical servers, as well as components such as compute, storage, databases, middleware and backup.

NWP said it was also developing a cloud migration strategy, and NWP said it would require the successful bidder to “support the reduction of the on-premise estate and the growth of the cloud footprint, likely utilizing Azure in harmony with the National Enablement Programme.”

Also being offered is an ICT Enterprise Communication Services. Valued between £970,000 and £8.5 million ($1.4m-11.9m), the tender includes the provisioning, management, improvement, administration and troubleshooting of Network Services until September 2026. Likewise, the ICT Managed Workplace Services also runs till 2026, but is valued at between £6.5m and £21m ($9-29.3m) in order to run NWP’s Service Desk, End User Computing, and Service Integration.

As reported by the Register, in 2015 NWP previously selected CGI for a five year Consolidated Managed ICT Services Contract. Valued at £17.8 million ($24.8m), the contract was to provide £3.5 million ($4.9m) in savings to NWP across its lifetime. However, the deal resulted in what was described by officials as a “ significant overspend” to the tune of £850,000 ($1.2m) in its first year. An NWP report showed the contract with CGI was extended in 2019.

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