African cloud and colo provider PAIX Data Centres has expanded the capacity of its data center in Accra, Ghana.

The expansion will see the facility - locally known as RackAfrica - upgraded to 1.2MW of IT capacity.

RackAfrica in Accra, Ghana – PAIX Data Centres on LinkedIn

PAIX said the data center will help Internet service providers, cloud providers, and enterprises take full advantage of robust digital infrastructure and improved connectivity.

The upgraded facility features advanced cooling and waste management systems, and the increased integration of renewable energy as a power source.

“PAIX’s investment in our ACC-1 data center positions it as the leading network hub that is created by the aggregation of multiple undersea cable landing points connecting to terrestrial cables, and this makes Accra a highly attractive gateway to West Africa,” said Wouter van Hulten, CEO of PAIX Data Centres.

He added: “We are working closely with our connectivity, content delivery networks, social media, and cloud customers seeking to serve this emerging market. We are developing thriving magnetic cloud and content hubs in Accra.”

Bright Tawiah, MD at PAIX in Ghana, said: “This expansion reaffirms our dedication to providing best-in-class data center solutions to our customers in Accra and beyond. As one of Africa’s digital economy hotspots, Accra plays a vital role in driving innovation and growth across various industries.”

Current tenants at the RackAfrica data center include Ecoband Networks and Teledata ICT.

The upgrade comes shortly after the colo provider announced its expansion into Djibouti earlier this month. The JIB1 facility will provide 5MW of IT capacity when operational in 2026.

The company said the demand for data centers in Africa will exceed supply by 300 percent over the next two years, meaning the current installed capacity of 250MW in Africa will need to be increased to more than 1,200MW by 2030.

PAIX owns and operates two data centers; the first in Accra, Ghana, acquired in 2018; and the second in Nairobi, Kenya, opened in 2020.

Africa50, an infrastructure investor and asset manager, invested $20 million in PAIX in 2022 to support the company’s expansion into new markets.

According to Data Center Map, Accra is home to five data centers operated by Onix, MDXi, NITA, IS GH LTD, and PAIX. Africa Data Centres is currently developing a data center in Accra, set to supply an initial 10MW and expandable to 30MW. Logistics real estate firm Agility has also announced plans for a 30MW facility - expandable to 150MW - in the Tema area of Accra.

At the end of last year, Telecel Group, the major shareholder of Vodafone Ghana, expanded its 4G network in the country.