Skyhigh Networks has launched a suite of software products that enables secure migration of custom in-house applications to various public cloud platforms.

At launch, the software supports Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) from three providers: AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

“While IaaS providers offer secure platforms, we see most cloud customers lack the tools and expertise to protect applications they develop and deploy in the public cloud. Skyhigh is helping fill that important gap, further empowering security leaders to best support the growth and complexity of today’s business needs,” said Jim Reavis, CEO of Cloud Security Alliance – an organization which counts Skyhigh among its members.

Custom apps
– Skyhigh Networks

Sky is the limit

Skyhigh describes itself as a Cloud Access Security Broker – a company that enables additional security, compliance and governance in public cloud environments. It started with security for Software-as-a-Service, releasing products like Skyhigh for Office 365 and Skyhigh for Salesforce.

The latest addition – Skyhigh for IaaS - essentially consists of two components: on the app side, Skyhigh offers tools to ensure secure use of public cloud platforms. The software can analyze the configuration and use of IaaS accounts, identify security and compliance gaps, and recommend specific actions to reduce risk. It can protect corporate data from unauthorized users, while capturing a complete audit trail for compliance and investigations.

On the cloud provider side, Skyhigh software can audit the platforms’ security settings to identify misconfigurations and make recommendations in line with the company’s policies. It can detect compromised accounts and inactive accounts that should be deleted to reduce the attack surface.

“Four years ago, Skyhigh Networks launched the industry’s first CASB platform to enable IT and security teams to embrace and accelerate the use of SaaS within their enterprises,” said Rajiv Gupta, CEO of Skyhigh Networks

“Today marks a new chapter in that IT enablement story. These teams can now leverage their Skyhigh CASB Platform to accelerate the adoption of IaaS across their enterprise, while meeting security and compliance requirements.”