Open networking firm Stordis has joined the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to help develop open source hardware and software for future networks.

TIP is a collaborative platform founded by telco companies in 2016 to create an open source platform for next-generation networks. It's a spin-off from the Open Compute Project, (OCP) which Facebook founded to develop and share open source designs for hyperscale data center hardware.

Networking switch
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Next step

“Being a member of the TIP is important for us because it enables us to contribute to the transition of the IT industry," said Alexander Jeffries, CEO at Stordis. "The concept of Open Source becomes more and more relevant across all fields of the network industry, including telecommunication, academia and research, broadcasting, and cyber-security."

Based in Germany (and the UK) Stordis makes network equipment including bare metal switches and adapter cards. It is a member of the OCP, making products that meet its specifications, and is also in the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a group which promotes and develops standards for software defined networking (SDN).

Stordis has built programmable switches based on the Tofino ASIC processor from Barefoot, a company bought by Intel in 2019. These are listed in the OCP's marketplace of compatible products. and were launched at the OCP Summit in 2019, when Stordis joined the group. Stordis will be at next week's OCP Summit 20in San Jose.

Attilio Zani, executive director at TIP, said: “We are very pleased to welcome Stordis to our community.” TIP has more than 500 organizations, including operators, suppliers, developers, and integrators.