Best known for its four-level Tier Ratings for data center reliability standards, the Uptime Institute has movedinto data center efficiency, with an Efficient IT Stamp of Approval. The awards recognize the operational achievements and goal-seeking management of data center operations, according to Julian Kudritzki, chief operating officer of the Institute, codifying the “management processes and leadership behaviors that ensure sustained cost savings and resource agility.”

The award is given in two versions: Activated, which says that the company is well on its way to meeting the award standards and should be able to do so in less than a year (the award expires in one year), and Stamp of Approval, which means that the company has met the standards for the award (It remains valid for 2 years). Currently, two companies have qualified for the Activated award, McKesson Corporation, at its Drohan data center and CEMEX, for its global data center. Two sites of healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente, Corona and Silver Springs, have qualified for the top level Stamp of Approval award.

The Efficient IT Stamp of Approval follows in the footsteps of the Uptime Institute’s Management & Operations Stamp of Approval award, which was introduced in 2011. Described by UI as demonstrating an “organization’s leadership and provides third-party assurance that your site satisfies industry-recognized criteria proven to reduce risk and support reliable 24x7 uptime performance, regardless of the underlying design and infrastructure”, the M&O stamp has been awarded more than 60 times since its introduction.