Vantage has applied for planning permission to construct two data centers outside Dublin, Ireland.

As first reported by The Times, the company’s filing requests permission to demolish an abandoned single-story dwelling and outbuilding and construct two two-story data centers with a gross floor area of 40,589 sqm on an 8.7-hectare plot within the townlands of Ballybane and Kilbride within Profile Park, Clondalkin.

The first data center, known as Building 11, will be located to the south of the site and will have a gross floor area of 24,667 sqm including 22 emergency generators. Building 12, to be located to the north of the site, will have a gross floor area of 12,915 sq m including 11 emergency generators. The plans also include rooftop solar panels, gas-powered generation plant, and on-site substation.

The new facilities would be Vantage’s first in Ireland. The DigitalBridge-backed company currently operates or is developing a number of data centers across Europe including two in Germany and one each in Italy, Poland, Switzerland, and Wales.

A decision is due by October 25.

Advertising itself as ‘Ireland’s data center cluster,' Profile Park is also home to facilities owned by Google and CyrusOne. Microsoft, EdgeConneX, and Digital Realty’s Interxion brand have data centers on the neighboring Grange Castle business park.

Digital Realty and Equinix both filed applications to build facilities in Profile Park over the summer.

Digital Realty is seeking permission to build two data center buildings, known as DUB15 and DUB16, next to the company’s existing facilities that will total will total 33,577 sqm (361,400 sq ft). Equinix wants to build a three-story data center known as 'DB8’ that would total around 9,600 sqm (103,000 sq ft).

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