American Edge server company Vapor IO has entered into a partnership to deploy its Kinetic Edge Exchange (KEX) in Digital Realty's data centers.

KEX is a platform that allows for easier data exchange between companies. KEX will first be deployed in Digital Realty’s facilities in Chicago and Atlanta. This will allow easy access for a company, for example, to exchange traffic with any other networks that run through either of Digital's Chicago or Atlanta centers.

Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO, said: "The Internet requires a new way to interconnect networks at the Edge because Edge applications demand an order-of-magnitude reduction in latency over the status quo.

“The Kinetic Edge Exchange offers a neutral host platform for exchanging data at the Edge, making it possible to speed up Internet traffic, reduce backhaul congestion and deliver low-latency services in a 5G world."

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How KEX Works

According to a statement from Vapor: "Moving data on the Internet requires many networks to cross-connect and exchange traffic.

"Traffic exchanges are where networks come together and trade data, often through a business relationship called "peering." By making it easy to exchange data, application developers, content providers, and network operators can optimize routes and deliver better, more predictable user experiences.

"Tenants of Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge colocation platform can interconnect with one another using virtual and physical Meet-Me Room (MMR)."