Louisiana-based data center operator and service provider Venyu has announced a new data center design and build service that will focus on customers in rural markets. While the usage of cloud-based service platforms is on the increase, the demand for edge data centers in rural areas continues, along with a desire from vendors in the SMB space to deliver in-house services in ways that can compete with global cloud operations.

Over the years, Venyu has built up considerable expertise in constructing data centers, running public and hybrid clouds, and developing backup and disaster recovery services in what are fundamentally underserved third-tier markets. Now, the company is looking to leverage this experience and channel it into a services business that can deliver the appropriate infrastructure for what is often called “small town USA”. These rural areas have the same customer demands as first-tier operations but with much smaller customer bases and revenue streams.

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McrRae's Department Store, Jackson
McrRae’s Department Store in Jackson, Mississippi - currently being transformed into a data center by Venyu – The Mississippi Department of Archives and History

This specific environment means that it is absolutely critical that edge facilities are exceptionally efficient while still being scalable enough to support the rapid growth that can accompany economic changes brought about by the addition of a major factory facility, exploitation of natural resources or the development of attractions that draw in additional businesses and potential customers.

These underserved areas have seen little in the way of encouragement for existing business to retain their own data infrastructures or to implement high-grade data center services.

Companies uncomfortable with or unable to use cloud services and enterprise-grade data center technology are often required to simply “make do”, giving themselves and their customer base a reduced level of capabilities when compared to what is available in more densely populated areas.

Venyu believes that it has the right expertise and more importantly, the right perspective, to assist such customers in deploying and managing cost-effective state-of-the-art data center upgrades, development and deployment. Venyu president Josh Descant said “We are proud to bring these important data services to rural community business owners who want to maintain 100 percent control of their information and still leverage Fortune 500-type cloud services.”